The Great Resignation: Reexamining Organizational Culture

Here’s What You Will Learn The pandemic has helped millions of workers realize the workplace values they want. Organizations also have a unique opportunity to reexamine their values and shape a culture that allows employees to flourish. In this webinar, you will learn: The workplace factors that are impacting employee mental health and fueling the […]

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The Art of Calling In

Here’s What You Will Learn Hurtful jokes and microaggressions cause significant damage to employee well-being in the workplace. Speaking up and addressing the issue with employees can feel awkward or confrontational. In this webinar, you will learn: The difference between “calling out” and “calling in” Why calling in is an effective strategy for interrupting oppression […]

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Returning to the Office: Supporting the Leaders Who Support Your People

Here’s What You Will Learn Over the past 18+ months, our society has dealt with more than just the pandemic. Societal and racial injustices, election stress, unemployment and the economic downturn have impacted individuals. No one has been immune. Now we are in the middle of a mental health awakening and many of the barriers […]

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The 2020 Election: Is your workplace prepared for the next wave of stress?

Here’s What You Will Learn This discussion shares proactive strategies leaders can implement to reduce distractions and turmoil in the workplace during the highly contentious 2020 election cycle.  In this webinar, you will learn:  How the 2016 election affected workplace performance and well-being  What workplaces can expect during the 2020 election cycle  How the pandemic, social […]

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Selfcare is Not Selfish

Here’s What You Will Learn  In observance of Mental Health Month, we invite you to join BHS Well-Being Coach, Smitha Shukla, for a special webinar on why Self-Care is Not Selfish. In this webinar, you will:  Explore the seven pillars of self-care  Discover sustainable ways to practice self-care  Learn strategies to overcome barriers that get […]

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