The Art of Calling In

There are times when employees need gentle redirection on potentially harmful behaviors. “Calling in” is a skill that all leaders should understand which interrupts oppression while maintaining relationships.

Here’s What You Will Learn

Hurtful jokes and microaggressions cause significant damage to employee well-being in the workplace. Speaking up and addressing the issue with employees can feel awkward or confrontational.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The difference between “calling out” and “calling in”
  • Why calling in is an effective strategy for interrupting oppression
  • The best practices for calling in employees
Featured Speaker

Natalie Schraner, LPC
Senior Performance Consultant, BHS

About the Speaker

Natalie is a Senior Performance Consultant at BHS, providing consultative services relating to behavioral risk factors including workplace violence, bullying and substance abuse. She earned her master’s degree from Lewis and Clark College in counseling psychology, marriage and family therapy. Natalie began her career as a case manager for the Portland Women’s Crisis Line. She served as a direct service advocate for women who had been victims of domestic violence. Natalie also chaired the Sex Worker Outreach Coalition where she helped streamline services for sex trade workers and sex trafficking survivors and collaborated with law enforcement for victim assistance.