A well-designed workplace mental health strategy is fundamental to an organization's people and culture and its ability to thrive.

Do you have a mentally healthy workplace?

A mentally healthy workplace is one in which physical and psychological risk factors are acknowledged, understood and actioned to minimize their potential negative impact on employees’ mental health. A mentally healthy workplace reduces stigma, encourages open communication, boosts employee engagement, elevates staff loyalty and raises productivity.

What is Mental Health Rx?
  • Comprehensive mental health strategy 
  • Annual training for leaders, supervisors and employees
  • 24/7 access to trusted clinicians for in-the-moment support
  • 1:1 guidance for supervisors to help support employees
  • Concierge-style navigation and securing mental health resources
  • Treatment compliance monitoring for high-risk individuals
  • Dedicated counselor for your organization
  • Peer support team development and training
  • Additional mental health awareness events and activities 

How it works

    We will conduct a thorough assessment of your organization's mental health needs.

    We will analyze the data and explain the results with key stakeholders.

    We will recommend solutions and suggest a mental health strategy to meet your unique goals.

    We will deliver a strategic plan to keep your organization focused and on track.

    We will analyze results, report outcomes and adjust interventions as needed.