Case Studies

Brightview Senior Living

Brightview Senior Living owns and operates 45 senior living communities along the East Coast with over 5,000 associates. Their mission is to create vibrant senior living communities and provide excellent service to their community members.

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The University of Baltimore

The University of Baltimore understands that their student’s basic needs must be met for their students to persist and succeed. Here is how BHS is helping The University of Baltimore students get connected to the help and support they need to thrive at school and in life.

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MileOne Automotive Group

MileOne Automotive Group is the largest automotive sales and service delivery network in the Mid-Atlantic region with dealerships located throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and North Carolina.

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The Lockdown Blues

An attorney was struggling with anxiety and sleep due to the COVID-19 lockdown measures. Lockdown was challenging for this attorney as she continued to worry about the effects of the pandemic on her family, her job and the world.

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Culturally Sensitive Support

A Top 50 Am Law Firm recognized the mental and emotional impact on its Black attorneys and professionals caused by the multiple incidences of racial injustice observed across the U.S.

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The Workhorse

An attorney on the partner track had developed a great reputation at the Firm for never refusing a new case and doing whatever it took to get the job done.

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