Customer Case Study

The Lockdown Blues


Industry: Top 50 AmLaw

Attorneys: 1,000

Employees: 1,800

Geography: 20 Global Locations


An attorney was struggling with anxiety and sleep due to the COVID-19 lockdown measures. Lockdown was challenging for this attorney as she continued to worry about the effects of the pandemic on her family, her job and the world.

“Anxiety activates our threat system, particularly during times of uncertainty.” – Thrive Consultant

Having attended one of the weekly webinars delivered by the Thrive Consultant, the attorney decided to schedule a one-on-one counseling session.


In the initial session, the Thrive Consultant noticed immediately that the attorney appeared to be quite anxious and unable to relax. He quickly uncovered that she was feeling troubled and was having a difficult time adjusting to working from home and staying focused.

Together they collaborated on a care plan. Initially the attorney was skeptical about the plan, so the Thrive Consultant provided information on the effects of diaphragmatic breathing on her sympathetic nervous system and modeled a breathing session with her which created an immediate difference in her mood. It helped her realize that it was possible to feel better and that the journey to better well-being would take some work on her part as well.

“Continuous psychoeducation normalizes anxiety and can help the individual realize that they have influence over their anxiety and the power to control it.” – Thrive Consultant

As part of the care plan, the Thrive Consultant demonstrated several breathing and grounding exercises that the attorney could incorporate into her daily routines. He also prescribed taking daily walks outside to take in the surroundings to help clear her mind. Additionally, he helped her identify old routines to help normalize her day such as getting up and getting dressed for work at her normal time.

To help with the attorney’s difficulties sleeping, the Thrive Consultant helped the attorney create a sleep routine which included shutting off electronics an hour before bed, breathing exercises and body scans.


After completing four one-on-one sessions with the Thrive Consultant, the attorney reported that she is more relaxed, is getting better sleep and has more energy. As a result, she has been able to focus on her work and what she can control during these uncertain times. She also stated that communication with her supervisor has improved and that she checks in regularly with her colleagues to maintain connection.

Better begins today.

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