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Law Firms

Attorneys and business staff face myriad factors that can contribute to poor mental health, making the legal profession one of the most mentally taxing. The demanding workload, tight deadlines, and the cumulative pressure to maintain billable hours and generate new revenue can take an emotional toll on lawyers, leading to compassion fatigue, emotional burnout and chronic stress and anxiety.

This intense work culture can result in a challenging work-life balance, leaving little time for relaxation, family, or self-care. The competitive nature of the legal field can also lead to a culture of perfectionism, where any mistake is seen as a failure. This constant pursuit of perfection can breed feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt (imposter syndrome), further deteriorating mental health.

The Impact

The combined impact of these factors often contributes to high rates of depression, substance misuse, and burnout among attorneys, highlighting the urgent need for mental health support and awareness in the legal profession.

Guide+Thrive Concierge is a bespoke mental health solution created for the specialized needs of law firms. Serving dozens of major global law firms, including more than one-quarter of the Am Law 25, we are a proven partner to law firms wishing to put the ABA Well-Being Pledge into measurable action, providing high-touch, personalized, direct access to quality mental health, substance misuse, and emotional well-being resources. Our human clinician-led, technology-supported approach to care removes obstacles for those taking the critical step to seek help, driving the best outcomes for your attorneys, staff and firm.

Attorneys By The Numbers



Qualify as problem drinkers


Report mild or higher depression symptoms


Report mild or higher stress symptoms


Report mild or higher anxiety symptoms


In suicide by occupation