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Guide+Thrive: The Disruptor the Mental Health Industry Needs

Uber and Lyft disrupted the taxi industry; Instacart disrupted the grocery industry; Airbnb disrupted the hotel industry. Well-funded tech-based disruptors abound and have changed the face of traditional industries all around us. It’s no wonder entrepreneurs look high and low for opportunities to think differently and be the first to upend new industries and become […]

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Thrive Consulting: The Future of Mental Health in the Workplace

What does the future of mental health in the workplace look like? This may be a challenging question to answer, considering that many organizations are still trying to understand just what the future of the workplace looks like in general. The pandemic has created a unique opportunity for organizations to reimagine their workplaces and the […]

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The University of Baltimore

The University of Baltimore understands that their student’s basic needs must be met for their students to persist and succeed. Here is how BHS is helping The University of Baltimore students get connected to the help and support they need to thrive at school and in life.

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MileOne Automotive Group

MileOne Automotive Group is the largest automotive sales and service delivery network in the Mid-Atlantic region with dealerships located throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and North Carolina.

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ArmadaCare Introduces WellPak — A Breakthrough Approach to Employee Mental Health Benefits

January 19, 2021

Hunt Valley, Maryland—January 18, 2021—Employees are facing mounting stress with the pandemic and remote work, putting the need for behavioral and mental health benefits in the spotlight. In response to this growing need, ArmadaCare is introducing the WellPak insurance plan, a unique suite of indemnity insurance benefits that addresses employees’ coverage needs and access to […]

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Provident Insurance Selects BHS in Partnership with Responders 1st Call to Manage Their First Responder Assistance Program

January 4, 2021

BHS, in partnership with Responders 1st Call, is excited and proud to announce that of January 1, 2021 they are administering and managing the Provident Insurance First Responder Assistance Program.

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Selfcare is Not Selfish

Join BHS Well-Being Coach Smitha Shukla for a special presentation as she explores the seven pillars of self-care, different ways to practice it and strategies to overcome barriers that get in the way.

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The 2020 Election: Is Your Workplace Prepared for the Next Wave of Stress?

This discussion shares proactive strategies leaders can implement to reduce distractions and turmoil in the workplace during the highly contentious 2020 election cycle.

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Prepare Your Organization for the Great Mental Health Awakening

How will it affect your organization? It is well documented that unresolved mental health issues can decrease work performance and company morale and increase absenteeism, turnover, safety incidents, and claims costs. The pandemic, social injustice, and political and social divisions are creating many challenges for employers. This white paper explores: What is driving distress in […]

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