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Addictions in the Workplace: 7 Strategies for Intervention and Support

Addiction is a complex and often misunderstood condition that can impact individuals from all walks of life. It is essential to have a clear understanding of addiction to effectively support those struggling with it and create a more informed and compassionate society. Understanding addictions is essential for employers as it directly influences their workforce’s overall […]

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7 Strategies for Fostering Employee Well-Being in the Face of Stressful World Events

In the tapestry of our lives, the threads of community and work are intricately woven together. However, when stressful world events become the warp and weft of our shared existence, the impact reverberates into the workplace, casting shadows on the well-being of employees. These events, whether sparked by political unrest, civil unrest, or other societal […]

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Brightview Senior Living

Brightview Senior Living owns and operates 45 senior living communities along the East Coast with over 5,000 associates. Their mission is to create vibrant senior living communities and provide excellent service to their community members.

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The University of Baltimore

The University of Baltimore understands that their student’s basic needs must be met for their students to persist and succeed. Here is how BHS is helping The University of Baltimore students get connected to the help and support they need to thrive at school and in life.

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ReviveHealth Expands Integrated Whole-Person Care Solution with Addition of BHS

February 27, 2024

Ponte Vedra, Fla., February 26, 2024 – ReviveHealth, a pioneering alliance at the forefront of transforming integrated whole-person care through virtual-first access to counselors, coaches, physicians, nurse practitioners, and mail-order pharmacy, proudly announces the integration of BHS, renowned for its industry-leading employer and student mental health solutions. This strategic collaboration positions Revive to offer a […]

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ArmadaCare Introduces WellPak — A Breakthrough Approach to Employee Mental Health Benefits

January 19, 2021

Hunt Valley, Maryland—January 18, 2021—Employees are facing mounting stress with the pandemic and remote work, putting the need for behavioral and mental health benefits in the spotlight. In response to this growing need, ArmadaCare is introducing the WellPak insurance plan, a unique suite of indemnity insurance benefits that addresses employees’ coverage needs and access to […]

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Loneliness Uncovered: Unlocking the Power of Human Connection

Here’s What You Will Learn  In this BHS Symposium Series webinar, viewers will learn: Understanding loneliness and its impact on mental and physical health The impact of loneliness in organizations How to recognize the signs and symptoms of loneliness Strategies for intervention and support for individuals and workplaces The benefits of connection and how to […]

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Unmasking Addictions: Strategies for Intervention and Support

Here’s What You Will Learn  In this BHS Symposium Series webinar, viewers will learn: The different types of addictions and their impact on individuals and organizations Identifying signs and symptoms of addictions How organizations have addressed addiction challenges Strategies for intervention and support Implementing proactive measures and awareness education

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Prepare Your Organization for the Great Mental Health Awakening

How will it affect your organization? It is well documented that unresolved mental health issues can decrease work performance and company morale and increase absenteeism, turnover, safety incidents, and claims costs. The pandemic, social injustice, and political and social divisions are creating many challenges for employers. This white paper explores: What is driving distress in […]

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