Why We’re Different

We optimize organizational performance by empowering individuals to achieve their fullest potential.

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It starts with our Signature Care Coordination model.

The BHS approach to care is unmatched and sets us apart as a world-class, industry-leading partner and provider of mental health solutions. We commit to our superior approach to mental health for critical reasons: it drives better engagement, higher satisfaction, and better individual and workplace outcomes.

The BHS Difference

At BHS, services are human-led and digitally supported – after all, it’s humans who help heal humans. Our solutions improve your organization’s culture, performance, and profitability while improving your people’s health, productivity, and safety. A key component of this is the BHS Signature Care Coordination model.

  • Central focus on organizational performance and success

  • Dedicated master’s level clinicians throughout the member’s engagement

  • Owns and maintains an exclusive network of providers

  • Facilitated connections to providers and resources

  • Follow through on appointment guarantees

  • Transparent and in-depth case utilization reporting

Our Outcomes

We achieve greater outcomes than our competitors.


follow up on all cases


member satisfaction with
the overall experience


cases with ongoing engagement
with a Care Coordinator

Source: 2018 Workplace Outcomes Suite data

Our Culture

We believe in a work culture that puts people first. So we strive to model that in the culture we create for BHS.