A complete mental health and performance solution for a thriving organization.

Driving better engagement, higher satisfaction and better individual and business outcomes.

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Mental health is human.

The BHS approach to care is unmatched and sets us apart from EAPs and digital mental health vendors. Our services are human-led and digitally supported – after all, it’s humans who help heal humans. Guide+Thrive improves your organization’s culture, performance, and profitability by improving your people’s health, productivity, and safety.

It starts with our Signature Care Coordination model

Our proven Signature Care Coordination model builds trust with those seeking help, connects them to timely and the most appropriate, culturally competent, evidence-based care and supports them through their journey. This approach leads to deeper insights, more effective interventions, and, ultimately, a higher rate of successful outcomes for your people and your business.

Our average actual case utilization is 3-6X greater than employee assistance programs

Bettering Your Employees.

Everyone’s journey to emotional well-being is different and personal. Guide+Thrive offers a truly personalized experience for those seeking support.


How It Works



Participants have access to multiple engagement modalities to connect with a master’s level
Care Coordinator 24/7.

  • Call

  • Text

  • Live Chat

  • Digital

  • Work-Life Services
    Request Form

  • MyBHS Portal

  • Mobile App


Care Coordinators conduct a thorough assessment to understand the presenting issue and uncover the root cause to identify the most appropriate support that best fits their needs and preferences.

Our propriety assessment is evidence-based and in-depth. We use the following validated screening tools when applicable:

  • PHQ-9 (depression)
  • GAD-7 (anxiety)
  • AUDIT-C (alcohol)
  • DAST-10 (substance misuse)

Care Coordinators facilitate and schedule timely appointments with the right resources.

  • Mental Health

  • Work-Life

  • Health Plan Mental Health

  • Community

  • Digital


Care Coordinators check in with participants to ensure satisfaction with the resources provided and that they are progressing toward their goals. Participants can contact their Care Coordinator for in-the-moment support and guidance during their engagement.


Show rate for counseling sessions


Remain engaged or complete their engagement within 90 days


Have not previously engaged in mental health care

Want access to world-class mental health support?

Bettering Your Managers.

Guide+Thrive provides Human Resources, managers, and leaders access to a team of master’s level Performance Consultants to guide and support them through challenging workplace concerns.


Performance Consultants offer managers an outside, objective resource to discuss challenging situations in manageable terms and focus on problem-solving techniques. With positive guidance and support, Performance Consultants help managers become more effective in leading their teams.


Performance Consultants guide managers through every step of the management referral process. They consult with managers to appropriately identify workplace problems and effectively approach troubled employees, moving difficult employee and workplace situations to a positive resolution.

Bettering Your Organization.

As your strategic workplace mental health partner, Guide+Thrive aims to become intimately knowledgeable about your culture, challenges and business goals. This understanding allows our team to design a comprehensive mental health strategy that meets your organization’s unique needs.


We assign a Program Manager and support team to your account to design, implement, promote and monitor your program and consult and troubleshoot when necessary. Your program manager provides:

  • Implementation support
  • High-level program consultation
  • Program promotion activities
  • Quality assurance and problem resolution
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Program enhancements and renewal

Our team of experienced workplace consultants is available to provide hands-on consultation on policy development and organizational risks related to employee behaviors. Consultation services include:

  • Organizational change management
  • Program development
  • Leadership and HR support
  • Mental health initiatives
  • Industry trends and insights

Your dedicated program management team is well-versed in supporting critical incidents and disruptive events to mitigate their impact on individuals and the organization. Support services include:

  • Organizational response consultation
  • Coordination of on-site response and outreach activities
  • On-site or virtual defusing, debriefings and follow-up
  • On-site or virtual individual support and counseling
  • Communications support
  • Post-event analysis

Guide+Thrive Concierge


Guide+Thrive Concierge builds on our Care Coordination model to deliver world-class mental health and performance improvement support. It is a suitable solution for any organization that wants a top-shelf experience for its people and the business.

With Guide+Thrive Concierge, organizations get all Guide+Thrive services plus:

  • Culture Deep Dive

    Gives our team a profound understanding of your organization to help them deliver a more personalized experience to your people.

  • Designated Team of
    Care Concierges

    Master’s level clinicians with an intimate understanding of your culture, programs and benefits, delivering a more personalized experience.

  • Pre-scheduled Consultations with
    Care Concierges

    Participants can access an online scheduling interface to schedule a 30-minute telephonic or virtual consultation with a Care Concierge.

  • Greater Benefits Integration

    Care Concierges offer a single point of access to all your organization’s benefits and well-being resources.

  • Designated Organizational Management Consultant (OMC)

    Works with organizational stakeholders and offers strategic, organization-level program consultation and high-profile initiatives and engagement.

Participant Impact


Reduction in stress levels


More focused


More productive


Improved confidence

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Guide+Thrive apart from other EAPs and digital mental health vendors?

In an era of digitalization, the human touch remains irreplaceable. BHS understands that those seeking help face external and internal obstacles to getting the care they need at every turn, so getting it right the first time and staying connected matters. Our Guide+Thrive solution answers this challenge, offering a proven, high-touch approach with personalized care far beyond digital apps and scripted interactions.

How does BHS's Signature Care Coordination model benefit individuals seeking help and businesses?

Our Signature Care Coordination model is designed to build trust with those seeking help and takes a deep dive into the root cause of their issue. The insights we uncover allow us to connect participants to timely, appropriate and culturally competent care, and we remain by their side throughout every step of their care journey. This approach provides a deeper understanding, more effective interventions, and ultimately, a higher rate of successful outcomes for your workforce.

How does the utilization of Guide+Thrive compare to traditional employee assistance programs (EAPs)?

Our average actual case utilization is 3-6X greater than traditional and tack-on EAPs, delivering better help to more of your people so they can bring their best selves to work.

How does Guide+Thrive provide a personalized experience for individuals seeking emotional well-being support?

When individuals engage with Guide+Thrive, they are connected to a master’s level Care Coordinator who remains dedicated to them throughout the life of their case. From the initial conversation through the close of their case, the Care Coordinator always guides and supports the participant through the care process. Our Care Coordinators take time to engage with the participants to understand their needs and point them to the appropriate resources and support. No matter the recommended care pathway, our goal is to establish a therapeutic alliance with the participant and remove barriers by facilitating appointments and following up to ensure satisfaction and progress.

What modalities are available for participants to engage with Guide+Thrive's master's level Care Coordinators?

There are multiple ways for participants to engage with a Guide+Thrive Care Coordinator: call, text, services request form, live chat, mobile app and scheduler (Guide+Thrive Concierge only).

How does Guide+Thrive conduct assessments and develop care plans for participants?

To evaluate all areas of well-being and the impact on functioning, the Care Coordinator conducts a conversational assessment with the participant. This conversation aims to uncover how the presenting challenge impacts each area of the participant’s well-being (social, career, physical, financial and emotional). Throughout the conversational assessment, the Care Coordinator will utilize validated screening tools to determine where the participant is on the mental health continuum and to guide them along the best care pathways. Upon completion of the assessment, the Care Coordinator utilizes the evaluation content to develop recommendations for effective interventions to address each of the participant’s identified problems.


The partnership and guidance that we have gotten along the way from Guide+Thrive have just been amazing. We are doing such great things for our workforce and your team makes me and my team look good!
Patricia Clarkson

Patricia Clarkson

Sr. Manager of Benefits, Am Law 50 Firm

Guide+Thrive is very in tune with the constantly changing needs of the community and responds accordingly. Their team goes above and beyond to ensure the needs of our people are met.
Patricia Clarkson

Patricia Clarkson

Manager of Benefits, Am Law 50 Firm

Guide+Thrive understands law firms and I often recommend them to other firms.
Patricia Clarkson

Patricia Clarkson

Managing Director of Benefits, Am Law 50 Firm