Customer Case Study

Culturally Sensitive Support


Industry: Top 50 AmLaw

Attorneys: 1,000

Employees: 1,800

Geography: 20 Global Locations


A Top 50 Am Law Firm recognized the mental and emotional impact on its Black attorneys and professionals caused by the multiple incidences of racial injustice observed across the U.S. After conducting a town hall meeting and several diversity and inclusion support sessions, the Firm’s Black Affinity Network (BAN) comprised of Black attorneys and professionals, requested further support from therapists who could relate to their emotional state and understand the concerns that they were feeling.

During the process of identifying emotional support resources, they realized the extreme difficulty of finding therapists in their behavioral health network who could meet the needs of their BAN members. After discussions with several Am Law Firms, the Firm reached out to Guide+Thrive by BHS to build a custom solution.


In cooperation with Firm leadership, Guide+Thrive by BHS conducted a strategy session to understand their needs and collaborate on a solution. Firm leaders included diversity, equity and inclusion team members, attorney development, human resources, and executive leadership.

Guide+Thrive by BHS proposed to build a narrow network of trauma-informed care specialists with experience working with individuals on racial identity from a culturally sensitive perspective. Through its talent acquisition process, Guide+Thrive by BHS quickly provided the Firm with 14 highly qualified candidates. Collectively, the Firm and Guide+Thrive by BHS selected four therapists who best met the needs of their BAN members.

During the acquisition process, Guide+Thrive by BHS quickly matched one of its Thrive Consultants to provide immediate support. She attended BAN meetings and opened dialogue around the emotions that members were feeling. Further, she provided coping strategies and discussed the importance of reaching out for support sessions as needed.


Guide+Thrive by BHS selected and onboarded the therapists within 22 days, creating a narrow network of therapists to offer BAN members choice for mental and emotional support. They were introduced to BAN members through facilitation groups, presentations and panel discussions.

BAN members received access to bios and specialties of each therapist and were able to directly schedule individual support sessions that allowed them to discuss their emotions in a safe and supportive environment. As BAN members became more aware of these resources, providers conducted group sessions to discuss race-based traumatic stress, the impact of race-based stressors and ways in which to build resilience in the face of continuing stress.

“Guide+Thrive by BHS curated a network of therapists with specialization in cultural diversity, competence, and sensitivity to support our people regarding racial injustice and systemic racism.” – Manager, Wellness Programs

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