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An attorney on the partner track had developed a great reputation at the Firm for never refusing a new case and doing whatever it took to get the job done. But as his reputation and caseload grew, he started feeling frustrated and overworked.

“While attorneys on the partner track strive to be called upon, they frequently feel overwhelmed, agitated, and struggle to keep up with their caseload. Attorney burnout often results in dissatisfaction with the profession and the Firm.” – Thrive Consultant

On the verge of resigning, the attorney confided in a colleague who recommended the firm’s on-site Thrive Consultant who had helped her through a similar time.


The Thrive Consultant quickly uncovered that the attorney was experiencing acute stress and anxiety from a personal experience that he had yet to confront due to his heavy caseload. He assisted the attorney in reframing his situation, helped him normalize his feelings and facilitated several coping techniques to regulate the attorney’s current state of overwhelm.

Together they collaborated on a care plan. The Thrive Consultant assisted the attorney in identifying skill-building techniques and self-care activities and explained how the practice of mindfulness builds resilience over time. That along with short-term stress reduction strategies started the recovery process.

“When under a lot of stress, these strategies are proven to create more balance and happiness.” – Thrive Consultant

As part of the care plan, the Thrive Consultant facilitated a connection between the attorney and the Firm’s attorney development team. They worked with the attorney on a communication plan to discuss his situation with his team and firm leadership.


The Firm recognized they could provide the attorney with additional resources to support him during his time of need. This helped the attorney see and feel that he is a valued member of the Firm.

The attorney and the Thrive Consultant continue to meet every other month for check-ins, skill-building, and adjustments to his care plan, as needed. The attorney reported feeling happier and more satisfied with his work and is refocused on the partner track.

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