Shifting Culture and Attitudes Toward Mental Health Through Awareness and Engagement

In today's climate, creating awareness of mental health challenges and concerns amongst your workforce is vital. Mental health awareness engagements, conversations and training are critical components in firms' strategies to support their people.

Here’s What You Will Learn

Now, more than ever, we can change attitudes and stigmas toward mental health by having open dialogue, supporting one another, and creating cultures where empathetic leadership, help-seeking and self-care are emphasized.

In this special roundtable discussion, members from leading Am Law Firms discuss:

  • Perspectives and strategies for supporting well-being and mental health of attorneys, staff and their families
  • Challenges observed over the past 18 months in the workforce as well as amongst HR and well-being stakeholders
  • The importance of “Mental Health Awareness” as a component of your firm’s overall well-being strategy
  • How to socialize awareness initiatives with your senior management and firm stakeholders
  • Actions firms have taken to structure awareness engagements
  • The impact awareness, training and engagement has on firm culture and better-positions them to support their people through periods of uncertainty