Selfcare is Not Selfish

The pandemic, social injustice, caregiving challenges, and, of course, all the normal daily stressors continue to impact us all. Self-care has become an important component of our overall well-being.

Here’s What You Will Learn 

In observance of Mental Health Month, we invite you to join BHS Well-Being Coach, Smitha Shukla, for a special webinar on why Self-Care is Not Selfish.

In this webinar, you will: 

  • Explore the seven pillars of self-care 
  • Discover sustainable ways to practice self-care 
  • Learn strategies to overcome barriers that get in the way 
Featured Speakers

Smitha Shukla
Well-Being Coach, BHS

About the Speaker

Smitha graduated from the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Pharmacy with a B.S. degree in pharmacy and earned certification as a Registered Pharmacist. After twenty years in pharmacy, she pursued her goal to work more directly with people to improve their health. Smitha completed training and certification in Health and Wellness Coaching from Wellcoaches, the leading organization for health coaching, and began working with clients in 2013. Her background in coaching and pharmacy enables her to work with clients striving to manage or reduce their risk for chronic health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes as well as those looking to feel and be their best. She also specializes in healthy aging, weight management, communication and parenting.