The 2020 Election: Is your workplace prepared for the next wave of stress?

With the pandemic, social injustice and the poor economy already taking a toll on employee mental health, it is time for organizational leaders to prepare for the next wave of stress, the 2020 election and its aftermath.

Here’s What You Will Learn

This discussion shares proactive strategies leaders can implement to reduce distractions and turmoil in the workplace during the highly contentious 2020 election cycle. 

In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • How the 2016 election affected workplace performance and well-being 
  • What workplaces can expect during the 2020 election cycle 
  • How the pandemic, social injustice and the economic downturn are fueling the stress and anxiety of employees and their families 
  • What organizational leaders can do to unite their teams and keep them engaged and productive 
Featured Speaker

Stephanie McCannon
Well-Being Coach, BHS

Nick Koscielniak
Marketing Content Manager, BHS

About the Speakers

Stephanie McCannon
Stephanie McCannon is a Well-Being Coach at BHS.  In her role, Stephanie eagerly helps others regain control of their health, relationships and life. Her passion is getting individuals back on track and helping them discover the power of possibilities. Stephanie graduated from Washington State University, Cum Laude. She attained her master’s degree in organizational psychology and has also earned certifications as a health & wellness coach and magnetic mind coach. 

Nick Koscielniak
For over 13 years, Nick has served client and strategic partners in various roles including business development, account management, relationship management and marketing and branding. As the Marketing Content Manager at BHS, he has successfully helped numerous public and private organizations, educational institutions and nonprofit entities launch and rebrand their well-being programs to drive engagement and increase utilization. Additionally, Nick consults with program stakeholders on communication strategies that engage organizational populations.