Services Catalog

At BHS, we are in the business of bettering lives. With almost four decades of experience in health and wellness, BHS develops and executes strategic solutions that drive employee engagement, increase productivity, promote behavior change and stimulate a healthy workplace. All services listed are available as stand-alone solutions or can be customized and combined to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Whether you are looking to start a new program or to complement an existing one, BHS has the flexibility, expertise and solutions you need in a workplace performance partner.

BHS’ consultation and compliance solutions help your people overcome obstacles, stay focused and achieve success. We can work with your organization to mitigate behavioral risks, develop a crisis management plan, provide on-site critical incident support or establish a support structure for employees in the event of downsizing or relocation. By delivering effective consultation and compliance solutions, we protect the health and safety of your organization while empowering and supporting your employees.