Consultation and Compliance

BHS’ consultation and compliance solutions help your people overcome obstacles, stay focused and achieve success. We can work with your organization to mitigate behavioral risks, develop a crisis management plan, provide on-site critical incident support or establish a support structure for employees in the event of downsizing or relocation. By delivering effective consultation and compliance solutions, we protect the health and safety of your organization while empowering and supporting your employees.

Critical Incident and Disruptive Event Support

BHS provides experienced, intense and high-profile crisis support in response to major events including terrorist attacks, natural disasters and epidemics as well as isolated incidents of workplace violence, company downsizing, death of a co-worker and other traumatic incidents that could negatively impact company culture. BHS provides the following services:

  • Ongoing consultation and planning for critical incidents in the workplace
  • Management consultation for specific incidents of trauma or workplace violence
  • Provision of emergency on-site defusing and debriefing services
  • Capability for command support and services, such as emergency telephone hotlines
  • Ongoing individual counseling for affected personnel as well as spouse and family support
  • Follow up and team recovery services as an integral aspect of all CISM responding
  • Post-incident analysis

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