Consultation and Compliance

BHS’ consultation and compliance solutions help your people overcome obstacles, stay focused and achieve success. We can work with your organization to mitigate behavioral risks, develop a crisis management plan, provide on-site critical incident support or establish a support structure for employees in the event of downsizing or relocation. By delivering effective consultation and compliance solutions, we protect the health and safety of your organization while empowering and supporting your employees.

Reduction in Force (RIF) Support

BHS understands a workforce reduction can cause significant stress on displaced employees and their household members as well as the remaining employees and managers. BHS is committed to providing supportive services to aid individuals affected by a workforce reduction. Comprehensive, strategic and easy to implement, a BHS RIF support solution empowers displaced employees to regain focus and achieve success. While supporting continued organizational health, the remaining workforce will be productive and set up for success.  

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