Consultation and Compliance

BHS’ consultation and compliance solutions help your people overcome obstacles, stay focused and achieve success. We can work with your organization to mitigate behavioral risks, develop a crisis management plan, provide on-site critical incident support or establish a support structure for employees in the event of downsizing or relocation. By delivering effective consultation and compliance solutions, we protect the health and safety of your organization while empowering and supporting your employees.

Behavioral Risk Management

Every organization that employs people is exposed to behavioral risk. Employers who overlook the importance of having the right strategy and resources in place to mitigate disruptive behaviors in the workplace risk the health and safety of their employees and organization. When unrecognized or unaddressed, risky behaviors can expose organizations to considerable financial costs and liabilities.

BHS mitigates the financial risks and liabilities associated with disruptive behaviors in the workplace while optimizing organizational performance. Our consultative approach to behavioral risk mitigation addresses the entire organization from leadership to supervisors and managers to employees. BHS’ Behavioral Risk Mitigation solution includes:

  • Organizational Consultation
  • Management Consultation
  • Performance Coaching
  • Signature Care Coordination   

As your trusted partner, we will develop and implement a customized solution aligned to your organization’s goals for mitigating behavioral risk in the workplace and reducing the associated financial risk. Our expert team will be available on an ongoing basis to consult on concerns and solve behavioral problems as they arise in your workplace.

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