Tips For Your Employees: How to Talk (and listen) To Children After a School Shooting

Horrific events such as the Parkland, Florida, school shooting are a harsh reminder that violent acts can happen anywhere, even in places we assume should be protected and safe.  As adults are trying to process their own reactions to this tragedy, many are also helping to reassure children of their safety at school.

BHS has compiled the following list of tips to help children in the aftermath of a school shooting. Share it with your employees as a resource to help guide them through what can be a difficult time in parenting.

[Talking to Students about a School Shooting]

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How does BHS support your employees and their families?

A BHS employee assistance program (EAP) offers a wide range of services to help your employees in both times of crisis and in facing the daily stresses of life. For example, BHS offers one-on-one support via our 24/7 support phone line staffed by Master’s level-clinicians known as Care Coordinators. They’re always available to provide in-the-moment help or referrals to local providers. BHS also provides an extensive Resource Library for participants looking for trusted online information on a wide range of topics, from talking about substance abuse to healthy eating, weight management and more.  

One of the most important things to reassure employees about their EAP is the confidentiality of the services BHS provides. Sadly, many people shy away from using their EAP because they worry that the issues they need help with will be reported back to their employer. We always encourage organizations to remind staff that not only is the service free to employees and household members, but is also bound by the same HIPPA confidentiality laws they are probably familiar with from physician appointments. All information shared with the EAP stays within the EAP, unless the participant specifically authorizes its release.

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Leah Maddox

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BHS Chief Operating Officer

Leah brings to BHS more than 20 years of experience leading companies in business strategy, sales and marketing, customer service, and human resources. A believer in organizational growth through a healthy workplace culture and employee engagement, she is committed to proving the value of BHS’ EAP and wellness programs.