Create a culture of well-being by engaging employees at all levels.

Whether your intent is to cut healthcare costs or improve your company’s culture, wellness programs must be smart and well supported to be successful. Our programs prioritize goal setting, data analysis and savvy program design and management to help organizations maximize employee productivity and retention. 

Why invest in a Wellness Program?
20% of employees account for 80% of health insurance costs
61% of organizations call corporate wellness a “must-have”
63% of employers say wellness programs are “extremely impactful”

Every organization has its own unique culture,
challenges and budget.

BHS works to understand your specific needs and tailors your wellness program within your targeted budget. Every program is designed on a sound strategy with clearly defined and measurable goals.

Bettering Your Employee’s Well-being.

Wellness Experts

Our wellness experts work with you to: 

  • Design a comprehensive program 
  • Develop program milestones 
  • Integrate with existing vendors 
  • Create effective promotional campaigns 
  • Inspire and engage all employees 
  • Deliver measurable outcomes 
Integrated Services 

From heath risk assessments to company-wide challenges, our wellness initiatives complement each other to strategically meet your wellness goalsThese initiatives include: 

  • Well-being coaching sessions 
  • Health risk assessments 
  • Digital action plans
  • Wellness education and training 
  • Online team challenges 
  • On-site health promotions and physical activities 
Proactive Program Management 

We recognize that the success of your wellness program depends on keeping your employees engaged and involved.  Whether you need occasional support or a fully outsourced program, our wellness experts take the burden of implementation and management off your shoulders.  BHS provides:

  • A Program Manager to personally implement, promote and manage your wellness program
  • Data collection to identify trends within your population 
  • Program recommendation adjustments to ensure you are getting the most out of your wellness program 
Program Benefits 

Promotes a culture of

Lowers health care costs

Creates an engaged workforce

Integrates with your EAP

“BHS offers a great array of different programs to fit all our employees’ needs. Our program manager has been such a pleasure to work with. She truly keeps me sane and helps us better manage this important well-being program.”

— Well-Being Business Partner, Property Management Firm