Your students bring more than their skills and talents to the classroom.

They also carry their emotional, relationship, social, financial and general life issues with them every day. The BHS Student Assistance Program (SAP) offers convenient, confidential and personal support to improve retention and graduation rates while attracting new and non-traditional students to the school.

BHS partners with your campus counselors, security and threat assessment teams, student life advisors, and other staff to foster a safe, healthy and productive college experience for your students.

Bettering Your Students.


Signature Care Coordination

Students have 24/7 confidential access to our dedicated master’s level Care Coordinators. Regardless of the size or urgency of the need, the Care Coordinator is dedicated to the student serving as a personal advocate, guide, navigator, liaison and trusted advisor. Care Coordinators provide:

  • In-the-Moment Support

  • Holistic Needs Assessments

  • Personalized Action Planning

  • Resource Navigation

  • Ongoing Support and Follow Up

Easy Access

Connecting with BHS is easy and confidential.
We offer your students multiple convenient access points to services.

  • Call

  • Text

  • Online Request Form

  • Live Chat

  • BHS Mobile App

Daily Living Services

Balancing school, work and life can be especially difficult for college students. BHS daily living services help students remove the obstacles and distractions that keep them from performing at their very best in the classroom. 

  • Legal Services

  • Financial Services

  • Childcare Services

  • Eldercare Services

  • Convenience Care

  • Well-Being Coaching

Bettering Your Campus Resources.

Even the most efficient campus counseling and wellness centers have challenges keeping up with the growing student demand for behavioral health services. As your campus counseling center partner, BHS alleviates the burden on the staff and provides students with immediate access to high-quality support and navigation. Our Care Coordinators are available 24/7 to support students wherever they are when they need it.

Counseling and Wellness 
Center Support

BHS enhances your counseling center capabilities by providing: 

  • 24/7 counseling center support 
  • Title IX compliance and reporting 
  • Threat assessment team support 
  • Critical incident consultation and management 
  • Outcomes reporting and trend analysis 
Academic Performance Consultation 

BHS assists your faculty and staff in identifying at-risk students and develop a plan to refer them to appropriate resources. Support for faculty and staff includes: 

  • Consultation around having difficult conversations 
  • Recommendations on the right words and phrases to use when providing support 
  • Strategies for dealing with sensitive topics 
  • Holding students accountable for their actions 
  • Setting appropriate boundaries with a student 

The BHS Advantage

We partner with your organization to deliver better well-being outcomes than our competitors.

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It was apparent right away that no one would take care of our students like BHS. The students have noticed a big improvement in the participant experience. We are thrilled to have such a wonderful partnership with BHS as we work to address the ongoing needs of our student population.

Associate Director of Student Support

No joke, I have three phone numbers memorized: my work, my cell and the BHS Student Assistance Program number.

University President