Loneliness Uncovered: Unlocking the Power of Human Connection

Even in today’s digitally connected era, loneliness persists as a prevalent societal issue, affecting many people and casting a shadow over their well-being. In the workplace, it can lead to decreased productivity and engagement as individuals grapple with feelings of isolation amidst their professional duties. Our panel of experts pulls back the curtain on loneliness and amplifies the importance of connection.

Here’s What You Will Learn 

In this BHS Symposium Series webinar, viewers will learn:

  • Understanding loneliness and its impact on mental and physical health
  • The impact of loneliness in organizations
  • How to recognize the signs and symptoms of loneliness
  • Strategies for intervention and support for individuals and workplaces
  • The benefits of connection and how to foster a connective environment
Featured Speakers

Paige Heller, M.S.
Organizational Management Consultant - BHS

About the Speaker

Paige is an Organizational Management Consultant at BHS. In her role, Paige serves as a senior clinical liaison providing BHS client companies with clinical consultation, guidance, and troubleshooting on high-risk, complex or problematic situations. Her areas of expertise include empathetic leadership, change management, transformation leadership, employee engagement, leadership development and coaching, and customer service.

Caroline Plumer, M.A., MBACP
Thrive Consultant - BHS

About the Speaker

Caroline is an accredited BACP therapist interested in providing outcome-focused solutions for individuals, couples, and businesses. She has supported multiple organizations through one-to-one and group work, from international banks to educational committees and charities. Caroline holds a Master of Arts degree in psychotherapy and counseling from Regent’s University (London) and a Master of Science degree in criminology and criminal justice from Loughborough University.

Nick Koscielniak
Director of Strategic Communications - BHS

About the Speaker
For over 13 years, Nick has served clients and strategic partners in various roles, including business development, account management and marketing. As the Director of Strategic Communications at BHS, Nick oversees the strategy and production of effective messaging across various media targeted to various audiences.