Coach Chats

Led by subject matter experts, these virtual group discussions are designed to inform participants and help them both enhance their overall well-being and promote positive behavior change.

These interactive discussions will conclude with tangible takeaways including tip sheets, flyers and/or informative handouts. BHS highly recommends 10 to 15 participants per chat for the best participant experience.

Workplace Communication Chat Topics

Purchased in 1-hour blocks and facilitated in two (2) 20-minute sessions. Chats purchased in 1-hour blocks must be of a similar topic. Visual guide will be provided for each chat. 1 credit per hour (1 hour minimum)

Adopting an Empathetic Leadership Style

This session explores four essential components of empathetic leadership and offers foundational skills for new and experienced leaders to enhance their emotional intelligence.

  • Virtual
Being successful with difficult conversations in the workplace

Focuses on difficult conversations in the workplace between supervisors and employees. Participants will learn about steps they can take to help navigate difficult conversations and maintain successful working relationships with their staff.

  • Virtual
Effective Communication

Reviews the dos and don’ts of communicating effectively and provides strategies for email and interpersonal communication.

  • Virtual
Essential Leadership Skills

At the core of leadership is three key functions. Participants will learn how to fulfill these functions, identify their leadership style, and leverage the strengths of their style.

  • Virtual
Improving morale — tips for managers and supervisors

Explores issues related to morale and motivation in the workplace. Participants will learn about motivational techniques to help improve morale for the employees in their organization.

  • Virtual
Resolving conflict in the workplace

Assists participants in finding effective strategies to both manage and resolve conflict while promoting respectful behavior in the workplace.

  • Virtual
Techniques for coping with difficult people in the workplace

Examines characteristics that make people difficult to work with and identifies basic coping skills and methods to assist in interacting with those who have difficult personalities. Participants will learn strategies for communicating effectively with difficult people to resolve conflicts in the workplace.

  • Virtual
Techniques for managing workplace stress

Helps participants understand the warning signs and health risks of workplace stress and identifies strategies that can be used to reduce workplace stress and increase happiness.

  • Virtual