Supporting Middle Managers in Leading with Empathy

There has been an influx of new middle managers in the workplace due to “The Great Resignation” and “Quiet Quitting,” but many of these managers feel unprepared to manage their teams and lead with empathy. How can we support our middle managers in leading with compassion and understanding? What impact do empathetic leaders have on an organization? Rallying behind our middle managers and supporting them to lead empathetically can foster a safe and trusting workplace.

Here’s What You Will Learn 

In this BHS Symposium Series webinar, viewers will learn:

  • Common reasons why middle managers struggling  
  • What is leading with empathy  
  • The value empathetic leadership provides organizations and their people  
  • Tools and resources to support an organizational culture of empathetic leadership 
Featured Speakers

Paige Heller
Organizational Management Consultant – BHS

About the Speaker

Paige is an Organizational Management Consultant at BHS. In her role, Paige serves as a senior clinical liaison providing BHS client companies with clinical consultation, guidance, and troubleshooting on high-risk, complex or problematic situations. Her areas of expertise include empathetic leadership, change management, transformation leadership, employee engagement, leadership development and coaching, and customer service.

Alex Carter, LCPC
On-Site Counselor for BHS Customers

About the Speaker

As an On-Site Counselor with BHS, Alex supports our customers and employees in living a mentally healthy life by providing mental health support in the workplace through one-on-one sessions, training, group chats, and any other mental health support that may be needed.  In addition to her extensive experience in crisis mental health support, Alex is fascinated with how physical and mental health interact with each other and offers a great insight into this with her background in exercise science and counseling.

Drew Sogn
Vice President of Marketing, BHS (Moderator)

About the Speaker

Drew is the Vice President of Marketing at BHS. With over 20 years in marketing, Drew is experienced in strategic planning, brand management, content marketing, digital and social media marketing, sales enablement and team leadership. Drew believes strongly in the BHS mission to better lives, destigmatize mental health and encourage cultures of help-seeking.