Navigating the Waves of Change: Supporting Employees’ Mental Health

Today, many of us struggle to keep up with the whirlwind of changes in our ever-evolving world. The impact of constant change can have a profound influence on your employees' well-being, impacting your organizational culture and performance. Our experienced mental health experts will share valuable insights and practical strategies to help your workforce cope with living in times of perpetual change.

Here’s What You Will Learn 

In this BHS Symposium Series webinar, viewers will learn:

  • Understanding the effects of constant change on mental health
  • Exploring the workplace factors that can help or hinder change efforts
  • Identifying signs of stress and burnout among your employees
  • Navigating change and ensuring your team has the necessary tools to achieve its goals
  • Building a supportive and resilient organizational culture
  • Providing resources and mental health support for your workforce
Featured Speakers

Paige Heller
Organizational Management Consultant

About the Speaker

Paige is an Organizational Management Consultant at BHS. In her role, Paige serves as a senior clinical liaison providing BHS client companies with clinical consultation, guidance, and troubleshooting on high-risk, complex or problematic situations. Her areas of expertise include empathetic leadership, change management, transformation leadership, employee engagement, leadership development and coaching, and customer service.

Magaen Harris, LPC
Thrive Consultant - BHS

About the Speaker

Magaen is a mental health therapist, emotional wellness, business and relationship coach, author, professional speaker, trainer, and mental health advocate. She has over 16 years of clinical experience, specializing in working with mid-to-senior-level managers and executives. Magaen has spent years pouring into others and helping those who need assistance, guidance, empowerment, motivation, or simply a mentor. She views serving her community as a privilege and is determined to make an impact by reaching one person at a time.

Thomas Pipkin
Director, Organizational Development - BHS

About the Speaker

For over 20 years, Thomas has focused on the human dimension of organizations, helping them develop in leadership, employee engagement, team building, and change effectiveness. An accomplished and sought-after facilitator, he has worked with several highly valued brands and well-known clients throughout the mid-Atlantic region. His experience includes leading people, helping teams grow, and aligning employees to their organization’s mission, vision, and culture. Thomas holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business from York College of Pennsylvania.