Organizational Development Solutions

Our OD professionals apply collaborative strategies to increase all aspects of your organization’s effectiveness. Through a range of programs, BHS develops customized training programs, facilitates implementation of appropriate management initiatives and reviews current development programs to ensure adherence to your strategic goals.

Understanding Organizational Culture OD Solutions

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Climate Surveys

Committed and engaged employees result in a productive and successful organization. BHS works closely with organizations to develop customized employee climate surveys that extract hidden employee perceptions. An action plan is then developed to foster a healthy morale within your organization.

Conflict Resolution

Unresolved conflict can create significant damage within an organization, from diverted supervisory time to low morale, turnover and loss of revenue. To help combat this, BHS offers conflict management solutions and a variety of tools to collaboratively and creatively resolve these workplace challenges.

Diversity and Multiculturalism

Respect is an ongoing behavioral pattern that promotes increased awareness and acceptance of differences in individuals’ beliefs, styles and backgrounds, as well as their physical, ancestral, geographic or socioeconomic makeup. This training explores issues specific to understanding diversity and reviews ways to promote an acceptance of diversity in the workplace.

Exit Interviews

Exit interviews conducted by a neutral third party provide a unique opportunity for voluntary terminations to offer candid feedback on the overall work-related experience. BHS can create a seamless exit interview process that gathers data and offers thematic feedback to senior leadership that can be used as a solid instrument for strategic planning.