Organizational Development Solutions

Our OD professionals apply collaborative strategies to increase all aspects of your organization’s effectiveness. Through a range of programs, BHS develops customized training programs, facilitates implementation of appropriate management initiatives and reviews current development programs to ensure adherence to your strategic goals.

Team Development OD Solutions

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Change Management

Change in the workplace, whether small or large, can create unrest, anxiety and concerns that can impact perceptions, morale and productivity. BHS consults with key stakeholders to create effective plans that support, educate and assist employees, managers and leaders through the transition with a focus on the end goals.

Corporate Culture

Corporate culture typically refers to an organization’s values, beliefs or behaviors. Culture influences the way we think, what we do, how we work and what is acceptable in the company environment. BHS can collaborate with leadership teams to assist in culture assessment, change, strategic planning or development through key cultural drivers.

Effective Communication

BHS promotes a healthy work environment through the necessary skill of effective communication. BHS coaches individuals and teams on how to flex communication styles while adapting solution-oriented strategies for optimal results, resulting in a healthy workforce.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a powerful contributor to every business for long-term success. Balancing what employees give to an organization and what they get in return is fundamental to sustaining the extra efforts that come with an engaged workforce. BHS offers organizational consultation and training on engagement drivers as well as critical derailers while assisting teams with creative planning efforts to develop strategies for boosting engagement.

Executive, Leadership and Management Coaching

Coaching is an opportunity to engage with a neutral, experienced consultant who can offer new perspectives with a focus on skill enhancement, behavioral insight and expanded performance results. Working with all leadership levels, BHS strives to create a confidential and confident coaching environment that helps focus energies on strengths, vision and commitment to end goals.

Leadership Development

Create a more aligned and cohesive leadership team. BHS will consult with your organization to understand the companies’ organizational needs and create a robust program that helps participants drive their own career development.

Retreat Development and Facilitation

Retreats provide value from a variety of levels, including overall communication, strategic planning, business positioning, team building and development opportunities. Having an outside facilitator allows each participant to fully engage, unleash creativity and assist with blind spots as well as track action planning. BHS consults, designs and facilitates retreats while putting emphasis on supporting key goals and desired outcomes.

Supervisory Development

There are fundamental skills that are critical for any supervisor to master to be successful in his or her role. Many supervisors are promoted or hired without the proper ongoing support and training in areas such as effective communication, performance management, employee engagement, performance coaching, conflict management and more. BHS creates unique programs, utilizing an array of tools and interactive sessions, designed to develop or enhance the skills of current and potential supervisors.

Team Building

Building effective, focused teams is vital to an organization’s success. By setting a strong foundation built on empowerment, accountability, effective communication and recognition, BHS offers customized programs that target each group’s needs and existing strengths to create sustainable results that boost team performance.

Work-Life Balance

Balancing work and personal demands are a reality for many employees. Creating time, energy and balance to be the best they can be in both environments is not easy. Developing an array of programs that offer strategies in this area is a just a consultation away.