Organizational Development Solutions

Our OD professionals apply collaborative strategies to increase all aspects of your organization’s effectiveness. Through a range of programs, BHS develops customized training programs, facilitates implementation of appropriate management initiatives and reviews current development programs to ensure adherence to your strategic goals.

Organizational Development Packages

BHS provides two options to customize trainings and seminars proven to support business goals. 

  • Option 1: Take an existing training to the next level and adapt the training to meet your organization’s needs.
  • Option 2: Start from scratch and create a new and innovative training for your organization.

We recommend a telephonic consultation to discuss your goals, needs and to ensure you are maximizing the training. Trainings are typically delivered on-site and, in some cases, can be delivered via webinar. 

Customer Service: Inclusive Dialogue

Providing optimal customer service is typically a cornerstone of any business. Through this 1.5 hour session, participants will learn to evaluate bias, create tools to become more mindful around customer (internal and external) interactions and support an open culture through the customer service lens. 4 credits

Stress Management

(3 interactive discussions) These unique stress management sessions are designed for participants to learn to reflect, decompress, ask questions and learn specific stress management strategies. Trainings can be offered in 30 or 60 minutes. Sessions can be offered in one day or once a week as a series.
• Session 1: Hydrate to De-Stress
• Session 2: Top 3 Stress Relievers You Can Implement Today
• Session 3: Realistic Stress Strategies
4 credits

Team Building — What flavor are you?

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to get to create greater understanding and cohesion among teams? This team-building activity is designed to provide insights into the varying personality styles we work with on a daily basis. Participants will get to know team members in a fun and relaxed environment while walking away with new insights, a few "aha" moments and a common language to use and reflect upon to improve communication, strengthen relationships and enhance trust. Note: Maximum of 30 participants. 6 credits