Coach Chats

Led by subject matter experts, these virtual group discussions are designed to inform participants and help them both enhance their overall well-being and promote positive behavior change.

These interactive discussions will conclude with tangible takeaways including tip sheets, flyers and/or informative handouts. BHS highly recommends 10 to 15 participants per chat for the best participant experience.

Mindfulness Chat Topics

Purchased in 1-hour blocks and facilitated in two (2) 20-minute sessions. Chats purchased in 1-hour blocks must be of a similar topic. Visual guide will be provided for each chat. 1 credit per hour (1 hour minimum)

Mindfulness practices for beginners

Introduces the concept of mindfulness, engages participants in mindfulness exercises and reviews mindfulness techniques to stay energized and present both in and out of the office.

  • Virtual
Mindful Eating

Introduces participants to the concept of mindful eating and provides tips for making mealtime a mindful experience.

  • Virtual
Mindful Movement

Teaches different types of mindful movements and ways to make mindfulness part of participants' daily routine.

  • Virtual
Practicing Gratitude

Discusses the benefits of practicing gratitude and provides tips for showing appreciation for yourself and others.

  • Virtual
What Is Mindfulness?

Introduces the concept of mindfulness, mindfulness-based stress reduction and mindful self-compassion to participants and provides them with some basic mindfulness practices to use at work and home.

  • Virtual