Coach Chats

Led by subject matter experts, these virtual group discussions are designed to inform participants and help them both enhance their overall well-being and promote positive behavior change.

These interactive discussions will conclude with tangible takeaways including tip sheets, flyers and/or informative handouts. BHS highly recommends 10 to 15 participants per chat for the best participant experience.

Guide to a Healthier You Chat Topics

Purchased in 1-hour blocks and facilitated in two (2) 20-minute sessions. Chats purchased in 1-hour blocks must be of a similar topic. Visual guide will be provided for each chat. 1 credit per hour (1 hour minimum)


Creates opportunities for participants to improve their posture and comfort in the office while learning about simple exercises that can be completed at their desk during their workday.

  • Virtual
Digital detox

Encourages participants to break free from technology in order to refocus and reduce stress. Participants will learn about ways to monitor their screen time and engage in other healthy activities.

  • Virtual
Eat this, not that

Participants will discuss simple healthy food substitutions they can make in their diet that will make a big difference in their overall health and nutrition.

  • Virtual
Exercises for building happiness

Provides exercises for building and sustaining happiness beyond the temporary boosts from positive external factors such as increased finances, career advancement or new love interests. Participants will learn to use positive thinking and to practice gratitude and meditation to promote long-term happiness.

  • Virtual
Exploring values and the roles they play in your life

Identifies, defines and explores personal values in greater detail and discusses strategies for understanding values and using them as a guide to make the best choice in any situation.

  • Virtual
Overcoming a Plateau

Discusses weight loss plateaus and realistic strategies for pushing past plateaus in order to reach participants' healthy lifestyle goals.

  • Virtual
Packing healthy lunches

Provides quick solutions for a healthy lunch and works with participants to overcome barriers to eating healthy on the go.

  • Virtual