Coach Chats

Led by subject matter experts, these virtual group discussions are designed to inform participants and help them both enhance their overall well-being and promote positive behavior change.

These interactive discussions will conclude with tangible takeaways including tip sheets, flyers and/or informative handouts. BHS highly recommends 10 to 15 participants per chat for the best participant experience.

Achieving Your Goals Chat Topics

Purchased in 1-hour blocks and facilitated in two (2) 20-minute sessions. Chats purchased in 1-hour blocks must be of a similar topic. Visual guide will be provided for each chat. 1 credit per hour (1 hour minimum)

Challenging Negative Thinking

Educates participants on how emotions, mood and behavior are affected by negative thoughts. Participants will learn strategies to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

  • Virtual
Money Management Styles

Participants will discover their money management habits and engage in conversations about how to manage their finances.

  • Virtual
Strategies for Staying Motivated

Reviews tips for helping participants stay motivated to achieve their goals. Participants will discover which motivation strategies work best for their personal goals and lifestyle.

  • Virtual
Tips for goal setting

Participants will learn about the importance of setting both personal and professional goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely (SMART goals). Participants will be provided tools and tips on how to set and achieve measurable goals. They will also identify positive goal-setting behaviors and strategize how to overcome any barriers.

  • Virtual