Mental Health Solutions for a Better Organization.

BHS provides comprehensive mental health solutions for optimal organizational performance.

Mental health is an essential component of organizational success. BHS delivers comprehensive and evidence-based mental health solutions designed to empower your organization and its people while fostering a mentally thriving culture.

Trusted by Leading Organizations

It starts with our Signature Care Coordination model

Mental health is human. That’s why BHS services are human-led and digitally supported.

Our Signature Care Coordination model builds trust with those seeking help, connects them to timely and the most appropriate and culturally competent care and supports them through their journey to ensure successful outcomes.

  • 100% master's level clinicians

  • Sustained engagement with a Care Coordinator

  • Direct connection to appropriate resources

  • Appointment scheduling

  • Unlimited, on-demand support between appointments

  • 100% follow up to ensure outcomes and satisfaction

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The Value of Care Coordination

88% show rate for first counseling appointment (industry average <60%)
91% improvement in overall well-being
97% satisfaction with their BHS Care Coordinator

Support at Every Level

Mental health in the organization is about more than just the individual. Unaddressed mental health issues can severely impact your organization’s bottom line, ranging from absenteeism and sub-optimal productivity to significant risks and liabilities.

Building a thriving, mentally healthy organization requires support at every level. As your organizational performance partner, BHS offers proactive and innovative tools and resources for employees, managers and the organization.


• Dedicated program management
• Strategic program consultation
• Program promotion
• Transparent program reporting
• Critical incident consultation
• Training and events


• Referral consultation and management
• Management consultation and skill-building sessions
• Management training


• Mental health coaching
• Short-term counseling
• Long-term care and treatment
• Work-Life resources
• Digital resources

Unlock your organization’s full potential.

When you choose BHS as your trusted mental health partner, you unlock the full potential of your organization. Let’s create a mentally healthy workplace for all to thrive together!


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