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The BHS Focus is a monthly e-newsletter delivered to your inbox that can be used to promote your program. The electronic newsletter provides resources related to a monthly well-being theme. These include articles and information on the featured Café Series webinar on a variety of well-being and skill-building topics. Below are PDF versions of the articles and a flyer on the featured webinar to share with your participants.

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November 2023

Supporting Someone with Substance Misuse

Featured Café Series Webinar

Supporting a Loved One with Substance Misuse
Having a loved one with addiction can be heartbreaking, frustrating, and terrifying. Choosing how to support them can be confusing – the right choice is not always obvious. In this webinar, we will discuss recognizing signs of addiction and review choices of how to support your loved one. We will also review concepts such as enabling and codependency. You will walk away from this webinar with a clearer idea of how to support both yourself and your loved one.

Featured Articles

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December 2023

Relaxation Rx

Featured Café Series Webinar

Relaxation Rx
Most of us feel too busy to even think about taking time out to relax. But the reality is that regular relaxation is crucial. If we don’t stop regularly to “refuel,” we risk emotional and physical burnout. Even a small investment of 5-10 minutes a day can have a huge return. This webinar will include demonstrations of relaxation techniques that provide immediate as well as long-term benefits. We’ll also learn how to detect burnout “triggers” and discover ways to regain a sense of balance and motivation. You will leave feeling recharged and better able to tackle daily demands.

Featured Articles

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