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The first word in HR is human.
That’s where we start.

BHS supports organizations to better the lives of its individuals and
provide a smarter approach to behavioral health.

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  • Healthcare

  • Higher Education

  • First Responders

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Customer Satisfaction
BHS NPS Score 71%
Amazon 62%
Google 49%
Kaiser 40%
Health Ins. 18%

BHS’ overall net promoter score is higher than most service providers. We believe our comprehensive, holistic approach makes the difference. We outscore other customer service icons like Amazon™ and Google™ and exceed the scores of other healthcare providers.

“BHS assesses our behavioral health needs and goals to find the best ways to address them either through service enhancement, new offerings or adding business partners. Our employees are the most expensive and most valuable part of our success. It is immensely important to know that BHS can provide the necessary support to employees and their families to keep them engaged, energized and productive!”

— Executive HR Director, Higher Education Institution

“BHS has been extremely responsive to our needs and has worked with us to tailor their services to meet our needs. They provide great care to our employees and are invested in the well-being of our organization.”

— HR Manager, Non-profit Organization

“BHS continues to be on the cutting edge of providing access to timely behavioral health services. They provide wonderful customer service and have built an incredible network of skilled providers.”

— Director of Human Resources, County Government

“BHS has supported numerous employees and have been very instrumental in helping members with personal and professional issues. After working with BHS for several years, the level of professionalism is second to none.”

— Director of Officer Safety and Wellness, City Police Department